#FatherBristmas 2015 – The Prize Pile

Another year, another return for #FatherBristmas! #FatherBristmas is all about awesome Bristol gifts, for awesome Bristol people, supporting an awesome Bristol charity. In summary, it’s awesome. Bristol’s best businesses donate gifts which go into a prize draw. To enter the prize draw, you must donate to the Great Western Air Ambulance via the special #FatherBristmas JustGiving page. The more you donate, the better… Read more →


Club Haus

I’ve been stalking Wriggle’s offers for like, a year (not even kidding, I had the app installed before Jake wrote this post about them), but everything that sounded awesome was either too far, at the wrong time of day, or on days that I already had plans. We spotted the A Board below when walking past Club Haus one day… Read more →

Week 160 – @freshrange

The first interview blog in a looooong time. Sorry guys. Blame a new job. Yeah. That’ll do. But Jake is back with new vigor – and with it comes a new blog post! In a week where @zombie_media’s Shaun statue launched with a bunch of #BristolMeatPuns that the Bristol52 community suggested, it’s great that we continue the food theme with… Read more →

Bristol52 Awards 2015 – The Winners

The votes are in and the judges (previous Bristol52ers @MikeLloydJones of @BristolPound, @20thCFlicks, @SimpleLampoon, @Shonette, @hayles and @jakepjohnson) have made the very difficult choices to find the winners from your nominations. The full list of nominess can be found here and I urge you to turn it into an #UltimateBristolBucketList! BEHOLD. THE BEST OF BRISTOL ACCORDING TO THE PEOPLE. Best… Read more →


Sundaes Gelato

Obviously, being an adult, there’s no way I would do anything as silly as eat ice cream for dinner. Ice cream for lunch though…obviously I can do that. We headed over to Sundae’s Gelato on Baldwin Street a few weeks ago for puddinglunch…and then went again this week. Sundae’s is opposite Popworld (aka where Reflex was…I wonder if Popworld has… Read more →

Misconceptions About Bristol52

Bristol52 has been going for a few years now, but there are still some myths out there about what makes a good curator… You must be interesting! Well, sort of. Yes, you do need be able to talk about something, but what you might think is going to be uninteresting to others might be super interesting to them.You never know,… Read more →